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Stockton CA Home Movers

"The best movers in the city! They helped me properly secure my belongings and then transported it to my location. They carefully unloaded everything and all my things were safe and secured. Good job!"

Reonne J.

Stockton CA Home Movers

"Highly recommended! They were able to answer my queries and are available 24/7. All our office belongings were well taken cared of and not a single item went missing or was broken. The team was very professional!"

Jojo D.

Stockton CA Home Movers

"They multitask very well! They handled packaging, wrapping and then loading and unloading. All i had to do was place everything in my new home."

Arly M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do movers cost in Stockton?

The average cost for a local move within a 100-mile distance starts at $80 to $100 per hour. Hiring professional movers in Stockton gives you the advantage of efficiency and expertise. On the other hand, a long-distance move can cost you around $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the distance of the destination.

How much do movers cost for a 2 bedroom apartment Stockton?

Professional movers in Stockton can charge $560 to $2,240 for a two-bedroom local move. For long-distance moving, fees depend on the mileage and weight, and the cost begins from $2,700 to $8,100. If your service provider is charging per hour, moving a 2-bedroom apartment takes at least 6 hours for a basic move.

How much do movers cost for a local move in Stockton?

Local movers in Stockton usually charge an hourly rate of around $90 and $120 per hour, including 2 men and a moving truck. Without the truck, the cost will only be about $60 to $80 per hour. Overall local moving fees can cost you from $300 to $1,500, depending on the scope of the move. Expect to pay more for extra services.

What is the cheapest way to move long-distance?

The average cost to hire professional movers in Stockton can range from $1,500 to $10,000. Here are some practical ways to save a significant amount of money:

  • Book the long-distance move in advance.
  • Move during off-peak season.
  • Pack your belongings.
  • Gather free moving boxes.
  • Borrow packing supplies before the move.
  • Pack smart and efficient for a successful move.
  • Drive some of your belongings to the new location.
  • Do a garage sale to keep moving costs less.
  • Rent a moving truck and do everything yourself.
  • Rent for a portable moving container.

How much do long-distance movers cost in Stockton?

A long-distance move costs around $.50 and $.70 per pound for items that will be transported within a 1000-mile distance. Transferring to another state or across the country can be a long process, and the overall costs depend on the following factors:

  • Book the long-distance move in advance.
  • Move during off-peak season.
  • Pack your belongings.